Ask A Paramedic

In A Medical Emergency Call 911 and Follow Instructions, then
Get Help Do stay with the individual to prevent further injury until help arrives.

Don’t hang up on the operator until they instruct you to do so.
Impaled Object Do limit the movement of the impaled object.

Don’t make any attempt to remove the object.
Seizure Do move objects away and monitor breathing of a person having a seizure.

Don’t place anything in the person’s mouth or attempt to restrain them.
Unconscious Do lay an unconscious (non-injury-related) person on their side, supporting their head.

Don’t lay an unconscious breathing person on their back.
Injury Do keep an injured person warm and still to prevent further injury.

Don’t move the person unless surroundings pose a potential hazard.
Heart Attack Do provide one aspirin (if no allergy exists) to an adult experiencing severe chest pain from a suspected heart attack.

Don’t administer medications prescribed to someone else.
Burns Do place a burned area under cool, clean, running water for 20 minutes. Cover with sterile dressing if available.

Don’t put butter or any other substance on the burn area.
Bleeding Do apply direct pressure to an active bleeding site.

Don’t apply a tourniquet, unless it is an absolute last resort.
Choking Do perform the Heimlich maneuver and observe breathing for a complete airway obstruction (if trained or directed by 911 operator).

Don’t attempt to remove the obstruction with your fingers.
Poison Do call poison control at 1-800-222-1222 for suspected hazardous ingestion, retain remainder of substance for responders to secure.

Don’t induce vomiting unless instructed to do so by poison control.