Little Learners Daycare "Learns" About EMS

November 11th, 2015
The Little Learners Daycare, located in Fredonia, New York is far from your average child care center. Children who attend Little Learners often refer to the experience as "school" much like their older counterparts who get on the bus everyday and travel to an elementary, middle or high school. The daycare is just that. Miss Donna, business owner and care provider puts focus on the child's development, growth and exploration while the children are in her care. Each month, Miss. Donna creates a theme in which learning activities are based off of. For the month of November, the educational theme was healthcare.

ALSTAR EMS visited the daycare on November 11th and spoke with the children about what an EMT or a paramedic does. Todd Songer, Paramedic and Field Operations Manager for ALSTAR EMS talked with the kids about safety and first aid. The kids were able to see and feel some of the medical supplies an EMS provider uses every day. At the end of the presentation, the children were treated to a story and a tour of an ambulance. The kids particularly liked having the opportunity to see the lights on the ambulance.